About Us

We proudly introduce ourselves as the indigenous Manufacturer & Supplier of High Masts.We have successfully used our high masts in different fields, such as Street lighting, Oil depot lighting, Stadium lighting, Apron lighting, Port lighting, Telecommunication (cellular network operators) and manyother places. We produce Masts ranging from 9 mtrs. To 73 mtrs. (All heights) suitable to install light fittings 6/9/12/18/24132/ nos. as per customer's needs.

The most important aspect in our product is that it is completely indigenous and with complete Indian technology derived with an extensive research by a team of specialized engineers & personnel since 1998. The design has been appreciated and approved by 1.I.T & different agencies. We have a in house design & drawing facility, which enables us to make a continuos research and development. This has lead to certain advantages as compared to other foreign manufacturer in High Mast system with mobile lantern carriage.