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High Mast

These tall poles support a lighting source attached at the tip, which faces downward toward the ground. These are generally utilized for illuminating highways and recreational fields. The height of a conventional lighting pole is usually a minimum of 30 metres. The source of light is composed of a ring made of many luminaries. This ring surrounds the pole with the help of fixtures. Some products have a circular shield, which keeps light pollution at bay, and prevents the light of other neighboring sources from invading its domain. To maintain such a system, the ring is lowered from the top with the help of a winch motor or Cherry picker and taken care without disturbing traffic.... [Read More]

Octagonal Poles

These poles are manufactured from high quality coils of hot rolled steel. The process is fully automated and involves cutting, folding and pressing of steel sheets of trapezoidal shape into octagonal ones. The sides are welded longitudinally via the process of SAW (Submerged Arc Welding). Octagonal poles are used in different regions, which include car parks, stadiums, road junctions, airports, railway yards and even docks.... [Read More]

Conical Poles

These poles are galvanized, and hence, rust-resistant. They are produced using a single sheet, and feature a smoothly tapering look. Conical poles are usually mounted above the ground, owing to their ease of shifting and reusing. Every such product has internal openings that resemble the flush type doors. The poles are manufactured from hot rolled steel coils, which render them safe and sturdy.... [Read More]

Solar Street Light Poles

Solar street lights have an amazing capability of sensing outdoor light and responding to it. Accordingly, they can automatically turn on and off making use of a light source. Such lighting systems can function all throughout the night, and sometimes, even when the sun does not show up. The modern day products even bear fluorescent or LED lamps. The recent designs also make use of fuzzy control and wireless systems so that the battery is managed to the fullest. Moreover, flat panels are installed to keep the lights safe from the wind. These lights are held high using solar street light poles.

Latest designs use wireless technology and fuzzy control theory for battery management. The street lights using this technology can operate as a network with each light having the capability of performing on or off the network...[Read More]

Steel Tubular Poles

These poles are primarily utilized for lighting streets and also for transmitting power. The manufacturing process makes use of state-of-the-art, sophisticated devices and machinery. The product is versatile by dint of the steel. It is used for a wide range of purposes and applications, ranging from commercial to residential to municipal. The poles are highly durable and very sturdy. However, they are lightweight, easy to install, and does not cost you a fortune for maintenance....[Read More]

Stadium Mast
Stadium Mast

Also known as Stadium High Masts, these products come fixed with a head frame for the purpose of mounting floodlights. They are generally used in outdoor areas that are smaller in size, but demand very bright, concentrated light. For instance, stadium masts are great for race courses and football stadiums. Of course, the height and the number of floodlights can be customized according to client preferences. The designs are generated with the help of computer aided designing, which helps in the analysis of the shaft, the base plate and also the anchor bolts.

Cast Iron Pole
Cast Iron Pole

Cast Iron has a carbon content of more than 2%. It has great fluidity and castability, along with incredible machinability. The material can withstand wear and tear, and can resist deformation. Such features make cast iron poles a preferred choice for various purposes. These poles have an opening provided at the base. This opening makes maintenance easy because it allows access to machines and equipments like winch motors, wire ropes, cables, plugs, sockets, and other such fixtures. The opening can be sealed with a vandal-proof hex key (also known as Allen key). Also, a smartly designed steel section reinforced in the opening keeps it safe from heavy wind.


Brackets for poles are categorized as per their size. Accordingly, they can be top pole clamps as well as bottom ones. Their standoff can be determined when they are in situ. This measurement is useful if the poles need to clear an overhang at their top. Also, the design saves vertical space on joint-used utility poles. The base of the bracket fits the radius of the pole and offers stability to the joints.