Solar Street Light Poles Manufacturer and Supplier in India

In this present era where the levels of fuels are reducing rapidly in the world and the production of electricity from fuels are also getting affected, the alternative fuels and electricity sources are very much coming into use. Hence, using the most useful method of converting the solar energy into usable electrical energy, we, at Subham Enterprise have come up with our wide range of solar street light poles in India.

Details of Solar Street Light Pole

Traits That Made Us Unique:

  • With our extensive and thorough knowledge and experience in this field, we have gained much popularity amongst a huge clientele, as the best solar street light pole manufacturer.
  • Unlike many other of our rival companies, we always deliver uniqueness in our designs and the functioning of the poles.
  • The old counterparts of these poles had only an automatic on and off system depending on the source of light by using a sensor; our designs are created to make sure that the conversion of solar energy is high.
  • We craft the poles with scientific process, so that the energy can be stored for an even longer time, making the light active for more than a night.

Effective Features of our Crafted Solar Street Light Pole:

  • High strength
  • Robust design
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion proof
  • High Level of Performance
  • Durable
  • Smooth Finish

Unique Manufacturing Technique:

At our company Subham Enterprise, we always manufacture poles that are compatible to use the fluorescent or LED lights. Using our models in the windy areas will help you additionally as we specially equip our poles with a flat panel, so that coping with the wind flow, the energy conversion and restoration is even higher. However, we take pride in our use of a wireless technology that is based on a fuzzy control theory.

This technology and theory is designed to manage the battery saving and consumption to a greater extent. Using this technology, the lights can be turned off and on from a network region, without depending on the automatic sensor. This will help the battery to be saved even more and get a greater performance of the lights.