Electrical Pole
Electrical / Transmission Tower

The electrical poles are those which are mainly found in neighborhood residential areas and streetsides. These poles are mainly used to assist overhead power lines along with other different public utilities such as cables, fiber optics, and attendant equipment such as street lights and transformers. Depending on the purpose of application, these can be transmission, power or hydro poles as well.

Pole Height and Design

The height of these poles are customized as per the requirement of client. The poles are tubular in structure where the electrical wires and cables are mounted above. This is perhaps the most cost effective method of keeping it insulated from the land, vehicle and peoples way. There are two power lines in these poles. The sub-transmission carry high voltage power between distribution line and substations, which eventually facilitates to provide low voltage power to the end users.
That’s the reason these Mild Steel poles are also composed of wood, concrete, metal or composites such as fiberglass. These poles are highly durable, equipped with ability to carry two separate power lines.

Materials We Use

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, Electrical Poles are composed of mild steel with galvanization of more than 65 Micron. Poles are constructed with excellent surface finish and are resistant to corrosion and robust construction features. Our Team

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, our team of experts are always glad to assist the client with all sorts of technical support even after successful execution of manufacturing and installation process. Quality and support is what we never ever compromise with, a consistent vision to cater to the need of the end-users drives us to reach an extra mile.

Advantages of mild steel Electrical Poles :
  • It saves a lot of space in citified areas which is extremely beneficial for practical and economic reasons.
  • Protects the phase conductors from lightning by providing a reduced resistance path to ground hence
  • In case of flash-overs as well as lightning strikes, it provides kindred protection
  • Acts as a good conductor of extremely high electromotive force present on the line straight to ground.
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Robust construction with features to withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Installation is easy and hassle free
  • Easy maintenance.
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