Top 5 Quality Pole Manufacturer in Oman 2023

Top 5 Quality Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh 2023

Subham Enterprise: Quality Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

The Best Quality Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh, Subham Enterprise, takes great satisfaction in announcing that it is a pioneer in the fields of solar power, earthing tools, transmission towers, high masts, attractive poles, and fire alarm systems. The fact that our product is completely indigenous and made wholly of Indian technology is its most significant feature, the result of a careful investigation by a team of knowledgeable engineers and staff members since 1998. Due to the success with which our goods and services have been used throughout the years, we are well-known pole suppliers in Bangladesh. Thanks to a strong customer base, we anticipate continuing to satisfy the needs and aspirations of our clients.

Lighting Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

The attraction of the light used for illumination is increased by the attractiveness and sleek design of the lighting poles. In public spaces like parks, resort grounds, gardens, and swimming pool edges, these lights are often seen. The primary objective of Bangladesh's Lighting Pole providers is to improve outdoor public spaces. Subham Enterprise, the top lighting poles manufacturer in Bangladesh, works extremely hard to produce gorgeous poles that can survive UV light. These poles are composed of a variety of materials, including cast iron, aluminum, and mild steel, although adjustments may be made if necessary.

Electric Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Subham Enterprise, which was established in 1998, is pleased to be included among electric pole manufacturer in Bangladesh. We have effectively fulfilled all of our client's needs and acted as Bangladesh's electric pole provider ever since we opened for business. Customers have consistently expressed their delight with our electrical transmission and light poles' superior quality and durability. The overhead power lines and other public services, including cables, fiber optics, street lights, and transformers, are largely supported by the electrical poles we produce and provide. They might be the transmission, power, or hydroelectrical poles, depending on the application's goals.

Street Lighting Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Being a street lighting pole manufacturer in Bangladesh, we have a staff of specialists in lighting pole installation and maintenance. Our satisfied customers continue to utilize us because of the excellent caliber of our services. We are qualified to consider the lighting load, tower weight, and hosts for other pertinent lighting pole installations because of our considerable knowledge of pole fabrication and installation. For more information on utilizing them for area lighting applications, get in touch with the street light pole suppliers situated in Bangladesh. To get more information or a quote for your lighting installation requirements, you can also submit an email inquiry.

Octagonal Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Octagonal Poles are a general term for various continuously tapering octagonal cross-sections having one or more segments (they may be altered for other sides as well). It features a bracket so that the luminary may be mounted on top of it. Private residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are safely illuminated using octagonal poles. Depending on the demands of the client, the extension arm might be placed either alone or in pairs along the length of the lighting system pole. You may purchase tried-and-true goods from Subham Enterprise, an octagonal pole manufacturer in Bangladesh, and take pleasure in years of trouble-free functioning. We are Bangladesh's go-to supplier for Octagonal poles and have partnerships with the top companies across all sectors of the economy.

Tubular Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

In public spaces, tubular light towers are frequently used to brighten roads, stadiums, motorways, bridges, and overpasses. These poles are renowned for their durability, strong design, and exceptional resistance against rust and other environmental disasters. The tubular pole manufacturer in Bangladesh, Subham Enterprise, makes sure that the materials and tools utilized to construct the tubular poles we deal with are cutting-edge. Typically, tubular poles are 10 to 20 meters long. While the body is cylindrical and empty within, the base is shaped like a circle. According to customer requirements, modifications may be made as required. In order to meet the expectations of the industry, Subham Enterprise, the tubular pole manufacturer in Bangladesh, offers a variety of variations and modifications for the goods we provide.

GI Pole Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Galvanized iron poles are produced and supplied by Subham Enterprise, the best pole manufacturer in Bangladesh. Parking spaces, railroad sidings, intersections, businesses, etc. are ideal locations for galvanized iron poles, which are also often used for street lamps. High-quality steel is used in the bending, shaping, welding, galvanizing, and powder coating processes to create GI lighting poles. We have been providing galvanized iron high masts to all government, semi-government, and public sector businesses from the year of our founding in 1998. We only design and produce light poles using the best steel since we are one of the famous ISO 9001-2015 Pole Suppliers in Bangladesh.

Solar High Mast Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

On circular roads, motorways, roadways, and other locations where a large area has to be lighted, solar high mast street lights are often employed. A mast is constructed from a polygonal piece consisting of folded and cut mild steel plates. At the foot of the mast, a door is provided to preserve unrestricted access. Premium lock gussets were put in between the bolt holes to increase its weatherproof. After being sent in sections and being stress fitted on location, the mast creates a sleeve joint. Over the years, Subham Enterprise, one of the most recognized pole suppliers in Bangladesh, has developed a great deal of knowledge in the structural, mechanical, and electrical facets of the design, manufacture, and upkeep of solar high mast poles.

Solar Street Light Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

A common misconception about solar streetlights is that they are a kind of street lighting that utilizes solar energy as opposed to other, more traditional energy sources. Subham Enterprise, the most trustworthy pole supplier in Bangladesh, has developed into one of the top producers of Solar Street Light Poles of the highest standard thanks to first-rate facilities and an experienced workforce. Solar street light poles are made of steel and hot-rolled steel by Subham Enterprise, the best quality pole manufacturer in Bangladesh. In addition to being available in square, polygonal, and octagonal shapes, poles may also be custom-made to meet a client's needs. In accordance with ASTM A123, the poles are welded together using a cutting-edge immersion arc welding procedure and then galvanized at a thickness of 80-100 microns.

Others Quality Pole Manufacturer in Bangladesh

1. SIMEX Bangladesh

Address - House 302, Lane 4, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh
Details - SIMEX is one of Bangladesh's top construction firms and has one of the quickest rates of growth. Along with steel sheet piling, MS pipe, scaffolding options, H and I beams, and shipping containers with transport facilities, we manufacture and provide construction products. We are professionals in supplying building materials for the construction of highways, bridges, culverts, jetty docks, and other structures. Additionally, we have a brick and block manufacturing. SIMEX provides sale, leasing, and buy-back services for all kinds of materials and is a pioneer in the local construction sector.

2. PASHA Poles Limited

Address- South Avenue Tower, House#50, Road#3, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Details - The biggest producer of spun pre-stressed concrete (SPC) poles in Bangladesh is Pasha Poles Ltd. These poles are utilised in overhead transmission and distribution lines across the whole globe. To develop Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pole, we combine the advantages of spinning and pre-stressing for high density, low weight, and a greater strength to weight ratio. We uphold high standards and creative production technology. All the works are equipped with all the necessary infrastructural facilities, including water, power, transport, communication, labour supply, basic raw materials, and the market, etc. Special care is taken at each step of the process to ensure high quality product as well as long-term durability in even the harshest environment.


Address- Banashilpa Bhaban (4th floor), 73, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
Details - One of Bangladesh's leading producers of spun pre-stressed concrete (SPC) poles is Poles and Concrete Limited. In Bangladesh, we collaborate with the Barandra Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA), the Rural Electrification Board (REB), the Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB), the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), the Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO), and other relevant agencies. Early in 2003, Poles and Concrete Limited set off on its quest. The business is situated on more than 5.0 acres of land in KDA Shiromoni I/A. The Khulna-Jessore Highway is close by the location. Just 450 metres separate the construction site from the River "Bhairab." All required infrastructure, including water, electricity, transportation, communication, labour supply, basic raw materials, and a market, are present at the factory.

4. Dada Engineering Limited

Address- Dada Group, Level - 6, Jamuna Future Park, Ka-244, Kuril Progoti Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka
details- In 2003, Dada Engineering Ltd. began its fruitful journey with a dedication to provide comprehensive solutions for engineering undertakings. It has always been well-managed, with top-notch machinery and cutting-edge equipment, and it has always had experienced management. Spun pre-stressed concrete (SPC) poles of exceptional quality are manufactured by Dada Engineering Ltd. Bricks and pavers, decorative light poles, and railway slippers The Bureau of Research has reviewed and evaluated all product designs. Before being designated as final goods, BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh) Testing and Consultation (BRTC) and QC are passed. In essence, it places a strong priority on maintaining quality and making long-lasting goods.

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