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Aluminium conductors or also known as Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced cable (ACSR) are used abundantly in overhead power lines. Basically these are conductor cables bearing high strength and high capacity. At Subham Enterprise, we deal with ACSR cables, where the outer layer is made up of pure and high quality Aluminium, due to its good conductivity. Aluminium is also low in weight and cost effective as a conducting material. The central stand, however, is backed with steel for additional strength, which eventually provides support to balance the weight of the conductor. The steel applies increased mechanical strength to the conductor, as it is higher in strength than Aluminium.

Moreover, due to mechanical loading, and lower coefficient of thermal expansion under current loading, steel bears permanent elongation, with lower elastic and inelastic deformation.

Features of our Aluminium (ACSR) Conductors:
  • The outer strand is made of superior quality Aluminium, for enhanced and increased conductivity.
  • The interior or central strand, is backed with steel to provide mechanical strength and support to the cables.
  • Aluminium is a corrosion free green metal. Hence the cables are prevented from rust, corrosion, and are durable in the long run.
  • The ACSR cables are extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • The installation process is easy and hassle free.
  • The solutions are cost effective, and widely used in sub-urban and rural areas at overhead power lines.
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