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A junction box usually constitutes a part of the electrical conduit or the Thermoplastic Sheathed cable system, in a building. It is used to provide a safety barrier and protect the connections from faulty currents and unwanted loads. At Subham Enterprise, we always consider safety of electric connections and appliances as a pivotal importance. After all the slightest negligence can result in fatal and disastrous circumstances. And considering the safety factors in mind, our Junction Boxes are manufactured with exclusive safety features, and equipped with cutting edge technology. This eventually makes our product exclusive and apt to the requirement of the clients and consumers.

What makes our Junction Box Exclusive?

At Subham Enterprise, the body of a junction box is made up of either plastic or metal. It is designed for surface mounting and can be installed in ceilings and under the floors. Often, the junction boxes are installed by concealing it behind the access panel, especially in domestic and commercial buildings & establishments. It can either be full concealed by burying in the plaster of the wall, or casted into concrete with the frontal cover kept visible. As per the modern codes and standard, full concealment is no longer allowed to execute. Hence, the latter is preferred. The Junction Boxes are also equipped with built in terminals for joining the wires and connect it to the main system.

Features and benefits of our Junction Boxes:
  • Our junction boxes are absolutely shockproof and bears strong resistance to rusting.
  • The materials we use to manufacture and fabricate the junction boxes never rot with time
  • The junction boxes bear extreme resistance to pests and termites
  • Our junction boxes are designed to execute 100% resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • Being tamper free, the junction boxes are leak proof in nature
  • Our junction boxes are designed to restrict unauthorized tapping
  • The installation process is easy and hassle free
  • The installations hardly need any maintenance
  • Our junction boxes are retardant to fire, with either Class FV-0 as per IS: 11731, or with Class V-0 as per UL-94
  • Being specially equipped with a high heat distortion temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius (as per IS: 10192), our junction boxes are highly resistant to heat and prevent itself from being inflicted with any sort of material damage.
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