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The safety issues being a pivotal concern, we at Subham Enterprise are specialized in manufacturing and dealing of superior quality earthing materials. With a deep commitment to cater to the need of our customers, our client-centric service model provides complete assistance to analyze and evaluate the exact requirement of the end user.

And so are equipped our team of experts and professionals who ensure the entire execution of service with utmost care and competence. Our motto is to provide complete security to all your electrical appliances and need.

Our Team

Our team has hands-on experience in providing Earthing solutions that ensure complete safety with satisfactory results. Since inception, we have been meeting and catering to the diversified requirements and specifications of the clients across different sectors ranging from residential to commercial needs. At Subham Enterprise, we take pride to have such a brilliant qualified and skilled team of professionals with a vision of observing and analyzing the need and requirement of the end users. We fulfill the requirements and expectations of our client as per the necessity, with evident results. Application of cutting edge technology & tools and well-timed execution of the assigned task with minimal time is what our team of experts is destined for. With a consistent, sustainable and learning ambiance that motivates our team to work with result oriented efforts, we get feedback from our valuable clients as well which drives us eventually to run that extra mile.

Our Solutions
  • Chemical Earthing: Chemical Earthing is widely applied in the hilly or mountainous region where there is a lack of suitable soil and hygroscopic water for dissipating the fault currents. For sweeping away the current, it is essential that the soil should be conductive and less resistant to the same. However, it is just the opposite in those areas. So to increase the conductivity of the soil, Salt and Charcoal powder is mixed and applied in soil of the particular area of ground where the earthing needs to be done. The salt can be Sodium Chloride or Black Salt, as per availability. The mixture increases the conductivity of the soil, and helps to retain the moisture content of the soil around the earthing rod. This facilitates to dissipate the fault currents with much ease, ensuring complete safety.
  • Natural Earthing: Natural Earthing is comparatively simpler to applicate. It involves digging the soil and inserting the earthing rod to a considerable depth along with natural grounding fillers. The natural grounding fillers can be coconut coir peat, planting clay soil, paddy dust etc. Especially, planting clay soil is found to be substantially effective in reducing the ground resistance for dissipating the fault current. The resources being natural and abundantly available, it is cost effective and cuts down the cost for expensive chemical fillers.
  • Lighting Arrestor: Lighting Arrestors are devices that remains attached with electric and telephonic towers, antennae, substations and even atop the residential roofs. Whenever a lighting surge strikes the electric line, it creates abnormal loads or faulty currents which need to be waved out to protect the electrical appliances and connections from damage. Lighting arrestors are usually grounded via earthing, which dissipates the entire faulty current to ground, keeping the flow of regular current uninterrupted in the main line. The arrestor bears a conducting path with low impedance between the main line and the ground. Thus it facilitates to dissipate faulty loads caused due to lighting.
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