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A transformer is an electronic device which is used to transfer power from one circuit to other with the help of electromagnetic induction. At Subham Enterprise, our transformers are mainly of two types:

  • Distribution Transformer
  • Power Transformer

Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformers are effective in providing final voltage transformation in electric power distribution system. The basic function of a distribution transformer is to step down or reduce the voltage to a level which is ready to consume and can be used by the end users in the voltage line. They are also known as Service Transformer.

These transformers are often mounted over a utility pole. In that case, they are called Pole Mounted Transformers. Again when the distribution lines are placed at ground level or below the ground, these are called Pad Mounted Transformers. Additionally, the distributor transformers are placed atop solid concrete pads, and are locked inside solid steel cases.

At Subham Enterprise, we manufacture a wide range of distribution transformers. The notable features include durability, reliability and efficiency based utility beneficial for commercial and industrial applications. The transformers are mainly oil filled that match up with the international standards and are apt for the most demanding industrial use. The installations can be done both indoor and outdoor along with off load and on load tap changes.

We provide the following types of distribution transformers:
  • Single Phase Transformer: A single phase transformer utilizes the single phase alternating current. The transformer relies on a voltage cycle that operates in a unified time space. The single phase transformers consist of two coils of electric wire – the inner coil, and the outer coil. The inner coil bears the higher amount of voltage. The coils are wrapped around a core, which happens to be a closed magnetic iron circuit. To decease losses, several layers of iron are laminated together to prepare the core. The common core facilitates the power transfer from one coil to the other without any electrical connection. While the current starts passing through the primary coil, it creates a magnetic field, eventually inducing a voltage in the secondary coil. Usually, the primary coil generates the high voltage which is transformed to create a magnetic field. The secondary coil then transforms the alternating magnetic field into electric power, which is supplied to the required voltage output.
  • Three Phase Distribution Transformers: A three phase distribution transformer is constructed by using a common magnetic core for both primary and secondary coils. To construct a three phase core type distribution transformer, three core type single phase transformers must be combined with each other. And similarly while constructing a bank of three phase shell type transformer, three shell type single phase transformers must be combined. To surround the coils in a shell type construction, EI laminated core is used. While in core type construction, it is strikingly different as the core itself is being surrounded by the coil. Three phase transformers are comparatively more economical and cost effective while supplying humongous loads and large power distribution. The three phase power is dynamic in nature when it comes to its usage. It is applied for usage in almost all verticals of electrical power system such as power generation, transmission and distribution sectors. In fact, it is evident that almost all the industrial sectors and segments are supplied or connected with three phase system. Therefore three phase transformers are extensively used to step-up (or increase) or step-down (or decrease) the voltages in the three phase systems. Three phase transformer are smaller and lighter to construct for improved power handling capacity and better operating characteristics.
  • Solar Transformer: Solar transformers are mainly used in generating solar powers. The ones we manufacture are exclusively prepared to meet the cutting edge technical requirements and international standards.
  • Hermetically Sealed Transformer: Hermetically Sealed Transformers are devoid of any conservator. The dielectric liquid used for insulation remains tightly sealed inside the installed system and does not bear any contact with the outer ambience. Hence it prevents the oxidation and sludging of the dielectric fluid. Hermetically sealed transformers find its best usage in outdoor exposed environments which remains loaded with moisture and salinity, or places and areas that are loaded with dust. These transformers also find extensive use in places like gas and oil terminals, chemical plants etc. where regular maintenance becomes next to impossible due to poor accessibility For indoor applications for places with adequate ventilation or located nearby the lead center, oil is not be considered as an acceptable fuel to run the transformers. Hence the only suitable option that makes way in those cases are the transformers that are immersed in synthetic coolants. Thus, Hermetically Sealed Transformers can also be beneficial for installation purposes in those cases. These transformers are completely free from maintenance.
Power Transformer

The Power transformer are used to transfer electrical energy in any part of the electrical or electronic circuit between the generator and the primary circuits of distribution These transformers are applied in power distribution systems, primarily to interface the step up and step down voltages.

Liquid immersed power transformers are the most common variant available. Based on the ranges of operation, the Power transformers can be classified into three types - Small Power Transformers, Medium Power Transformers and Large Power Transformers. The basic fabrication of a power transformer is done with metal and are laminated by sheets. Either it is fixed into a core type or to a shell type design. Now these fabricated structure of the transformers are wound and connected using conductors to make either 3 single phase transformer or 1 three phase transformer. While manufacturing the transformers, the basic fabricated structure of the transformer is absorbed in a protecting fire repellant oil inside an oil tank. A conservatory is also provided on the top of the oil tank which allows the increasing oil to fall inside it. For superior voltage regulation, the number of turns on the high voltage-low current winding is altered, with the charger of the load taps to the side of the tank. The entry and exit of the conductors are facilitated with the help of the provided bushings in the tank without stimulating the outer shell.

At Subham Enterprise, a unique yet important feature of our Power transformers include, being equipped with built-in with fans in order to cool down the core of the transformer to a point below the indicated temperature in case of operations above nominal. However, as long as the rise of temperature stays within the 65 degree Celsius, the power transformers can be worked beyond its small rating.

What makes our transformer solutions and services exclusive?
  • Our transformers are manufactured conforming to IEC 60076, IS 2026, ANSI & all the other relevant measures of universal standards
  • Our every piece of transformer is designed so as to ensure a completely efficient and hassle free performance, devoid of any operational and technical glitch & troubles.
  • Our transformers are designed for generating low noise and minimal power loss, with the power to endure with electrical impulses, dynamic and thermal stresses.
  • We provide a finish of anti-rust corrosion paint to every transformer fabricated and manufactured in our warehouses. The transformers are subjected to a shot blast followed by application of zinc spray by a flame gun or a cold spray. The paint is long lasting, and hence provide a long lasting corrosion free solution.
  • We manufacture transformers, depending on the requirement of our clients, offered with OLTC & OCTC.
  • Our team has successfully catered to the need and requirements of a large number of sectors namely Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Chemical, Refineries, Engineering, Textile, Mining, Plastic, Steel, Hydro Power Projects, Construction Houses, Wind Mill Farms, Captive Power Projects, Electronics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Renewable Energy, Automobile, Electrical Equipment manufacturing organizations and so on.
  • We are equipped with sound infrastructural facilities to manufacture Power transformer up to huge capacity, which may extend up to 20 MVA (20,000 KVA), oil filled transformers of voltage class of 33 kV.
  • At Subham Enterprise, we ensure reliability and cost effectiveness of our products, via cutting edge technology and modern techniques we use for manufacturing.
    We also ensure that every single unit of our products leaving our warehouse has undergone rigorous testing and quality check at every stage of the manufacturing process We too conduct all the necessary tests before offering our products to our valued clients.
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