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The Loop Powered Sounders are designed to alert the occupants of a building in case of an emergency. At Subham Enterprise, Our Loop Powered Sounder provides high sound output with minimal power consumption. It communicates the status and existence with the network to the control panel. The sounders are activated by the fire detection control panel and depending on the system parameters and conditions, any of the following three types of tone can be selected -

  • Slow Whoop Tone ( according to NEN 2575 )
  • Din Tone ( according to DIN33404 )
  • Continuous Tone ( 990 Hz )
What makes our Loop Powered Sounder exclusive?
  • Our loop powered sounders are enabled with electronic addressing.
  • The enabled loop is powered by the signaling line circuit.
  • The sounders are equipped with a built in synchronization feature which keep the strobe in sync for a long consistent time.
  • The panel access assists in remote test facility.
  • The system is easy to maintain sustainably with proper servicing facilities.
  • The sounders can be easily grouped from the control panel.
  • The control panel facilitates in changing and viewing the address.
Benefits of our Loop Powered Sounder
  • The strobes last for a long time due to the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Our loop powered sounders are available with facilities of tone selection.
  • Production of high sound with low power consumption is a noted feature of our loop powered sounders.
  • Addresses can be set to a range of 1 to 240, via corresponding programming unit.
  • When concocted to a compatible fire panel, options for Auto-Addressing is also available.
  • Maintenance is absolutely minimal with hassle free installation process.
  • The sounders are resistant to adverse weather conditions and calamities.
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