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Copper Earthing Electrode mainly restricts the fault currents generated from strokes of lightening during thunderstorms. These fault currents are highly fatal and inflicts serious damage on precious electrical appliances and equipment. Also, it is deadly for human life as well, leading to severe consequences. So at Subham Enterprise, our Copper Earthing Electrodes are specially crafted and designed to scatter away the fault currents and protect the home appliances and human life from potential risks and damages.

What Makes our Copper Earthing Electrode exclusive?

At Subham Enterprise, our Copper Earthing Electrodes are tested and approved by Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), and hence ensures absolute safety. The electrodes are available in various size and requires much less space while executing the installation procedure. The core of the electrode is made of Iron and then coated with a 100-micron layer of Copper. Due to this continued electroplating of Copper on the outer layer, it induces copper conductivity on the outer section of the electrode. The conduction rate of the outer section is pretty high, which eventually facilitates to scatter away from the fault currents. The Copper Earthing Electrodes are cost-effective and requires almost no maintenance. The robust construction, seamless finish, and cutting edge dimensional accuracy makes it durable and long lasting.

Applications of our Copper Earthing Electrodes
  • The electrodes are widely used in Lightning Protection Systems
  • Notable presence of Copper electrodes is found in Substations as well.
  • Every Data Centre requires a proper earthing for overall security. Copper earthing electrodes are apt for the purpose.
  • Earthing of CNC Machines are also facilitated by using Copper electrodes
  • The Copper Earthing Electrodes are perfect for earthing purposes, for the setup and appliances in Telecom Industries
  • Another notable point of application for copper electrodes are at Railway Signaling Systems, to prevent unavoidable circumstances
  • Used widely in UPS. EPBAX, FAX etc.
Apart from the above applications, our Copper Earthing Electrodes find its relevance in several industrial verticals like:
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Compressed Natural Gas plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Telecom and Broadcasting centers
  • Process control and automation industry
  • Military and defense services
  • Government Sectors
  • Wind turbines
Key Features of our Copper Earthing Electrode:
  • The electrodes are coated with 100% Copper for a longer tenure.
  • The electrodes are designed for faster dissipation of fault current
  • The installation process is easy, fast and hassle free
  • The electrodes need minimal maintenance on site.
  • Resistant to adverse climatic conditions.
Benefits of our Copper Earthing Electrode:
  • The electrodes bear a longer life due to bonding over the electrode.
  • The bonding ranges up to 250 microns on an electrode, making it robust and seamless.
  • The copper plating makes it cost effective.
  • The easy installation process saves time and ensures smooth execution of the electrodes. Moreover, the maintenance cost is minimal, and hence accepted and appreciated widely.
  • The high conductivity of the electrodes ensures safe and fast dissipation of fault currents.
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