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Solar High Mast Lighting Systems are usually found to be installed at places like ring roads, highway junctions, bypass intersections, and those places with a huge area of coverage that needs to be illuminated (For Example – Airport).

A mast is created by cutting and folding the mild steel plates to form a polygonal section. To maintain a clear access, a door is provided at the base of the mast, which is again made resistant to adverse weather conditions by applying heavy duty lock gussets between the bolt holes. The mast forms a sleeve joint, once it is stress fitted at site supplied in sections.

Over the time, ‘Subham Enterprise’ has gained a wealth of experience in the structural, mechanical and electrical aspects of Solar High Mast Lighting design, production and maintenance.

Pole height and Design

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, our Solar High Mast Pole ranges from 9-50 meters and it bears a simple and effective winching system which allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for maintenance of the lantern.

Materials We Use

At ‘Subham’, the equipment involved in constructing the Solar High Mast Poles are manufactured and designed in India within a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015

After fabrication, the high mast pole undergoes a Hot Dip Galvanization. The galvanization is conducted, internally and externally, in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

Our Team

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, our team of experts are always glad to assist the client with all sorts of technical support even after successful execution of manufacturing and installation process.

With a consistent vision to cater to the need of the end-users, quality and support is what we never ever compromise with.

Our Solar High Mast Pole Features
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Exclusive door opening and locking system shields the internal accessories during adverse weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamically equipped to deal with severe wind currents.
  • Hassle Free installation Process.
  • Available in Single Pieces.
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