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One of the most essential installation for firefighting purposes are Manual Call Points. At Subham Enterprise, we always abide by the needful norms while manufacturing and installing the manual call points in residential and commercial buildings. Our manual call points are usually red in color and installed inside buildings at a height of 1.2 to 1.6 meter from the ground level, at the point of applications. We meticulously maintain that there shouldn’t be a distance more than 30 meters between two manual call points. The process of operating is manual in this case. The call points consist of an enclosed chamber with a breakable glass door. Inside the chamber, lies an emergency button. Once there is a fire in the premises, one needs to break the glass and press the button to raise an alarm manually. The call points remain connected to a central panel, from where the alarm is generated.

Note: As the process is manual, it is the responsibility of the fellow individuals as well, not to create faulty alarms by unnecessarily pressing the button for no reason. Again, in case of fire, the responsibility lies in raising the alarm as fast as possible by breaking the glass and pressing the button. Often, a wall mounted hammer is also provided alongside, for rapid action.

Our Manual Call Point Services include:
  • Our Manual Call Points are manufactured with materials as per the safety and legal norms, and complying with the international standard.
  • The Call Points are mounted at escape and rescue exits, so as to make it visible and easily accessible
  • The installation is done at a height, not exceeding 1.6 meter, from the ground level.
  • We ensure, the call points are well lit, to ensure clear visibility for access.
  • Though the call points are usually red in color, options for customization with other color variants are also provided on order.
Benefits of our Manual Call Point:
  • Triggering of alarm by breaking the glass pane and pressing the emergency button
  • Foil-labeled glass pane shields the inner parts against injury
  • LED display facilitates in triggered alarm or inspection evaluation
  • Identification of Individual call point
  • Call point query routines with evaluation and multiple transmission
  • Two integrated isolators are present to maintain LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit
  • Easy to install, and manual operations restrict faulty alarms, unless not handled irresponsibly.
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