Solar Battery


Solar batteries are usually used to store and reserve the electric power converted from the solar power by Photo Voltaic Cells (PV Cells). The amount of energy a battery can store and release can be identified by its Capacity Rating.

At Subham Enterprise, our Solar Batteries are specially designed and manufactured, with a view of catering to the need of homes located in remote areas. The remote areas often don’t have an access to grid power, and hence have to depend on alternative renewable sources of energy. Our solar batteries are apt for the usage of power at those areas, with scarcity of alternative sources of energy.

What makes our Solar Battery special?

At Subham Enterprise, solar batteries are designed at A CAPACITY RATING of C/10 for deep discharge performance. It has the capacity to sustain partial state of discharge. The Ah efficiency of the battery is greater than 90% and the efficiency is greater than equal to 75% The endurance test is qualified as per IS 13369:1992

Benefits Of Our Solar Battery
  • Our Solar Batteries are designed to ensure a long service life with deep cycle capabilities.
  • The Solar Batteries are enabled with excellent charge acceptance, and fabricated with cutting edge technology
  • Our batteries are capable to withstand deep discharge and overcharge.
  • The batteries are enabled with strong protection against leakage.
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