Solar Panel Installation Kolkata


When a home is paired with solar panel, it converts the solar energy to electric energy and stores it inside. The solar panel along with the stored energy acts like a hub of power source which supplies current for running the household appliances and other domestic needs.

At Subham Enterprise, we believe in the principle of using renewable energy resources sector by pioneering in solar energy in India. And so are designed our solar panels, to cater to the respective verticals and needs.

In certain remote areas, power supply is still an issue due to lack of resources. Moreover, the conventional mode of power generation, like Thermal power, Hydel power and nuclear power often incurs environmental pollution and hazards.

Sun being an enormous source of energy, it is easy to trap, convert and store the solar energy in the form of electric energy, by using our solar panels. This stored energy can be utilized for domestic usage and utilities, especially in the areas, where power supply is scarce.

Our Team

At Subham Enterprise, we believe in analyzing the need of each and every client who looks for our solar panel solutions as a dependable source of energy. And so are the efficiency of our team of experts and professionals, who take complete care for the requirement of our clients. From scratch to completion, we ensure that the entire task is executed with utmost care, excellence, commendable quality of service.

Benefits of our Solar Panel
  • Our solar panels need least maintenance. Once the installation is executed successfully, the panels need only one annual maintenance with every passing year. The panels are also cleaned while conducting the maintenance. This ensure the panels to function properly. Being devoid of any moving parts on our solar panels, it possess high durability.
  • Our solar panels facilitate to trap and store the solar power by converting the same into electrical energy. Sun being an abundant and consistent source of energy is available all through the day. Hence it acts as a constant and consistent source of power supply.
  • Solar power is consistent and our panels are equally equipped to store and conserve the same for continuous inflow of electrical energy for all household needs. Depending on alternative power sources supplied by the concerned organizations, can often lead to hassles like power cut. Often the problems of power cut may extend for a longer tenure due to several reasons like short circuits and transformer damage. Therefore our solar panels are competent enough in providing complete energy security. Also it cuts down the cost of the monthly electric bill, and saves money.
  • Alternative sources like Thermal, Hydel, and Nuclear power, involves usage of natural resources like coal, water, and radioactive elements, which are finite and limited. Our solar panels are destined to cater to the purpose of conserving the solar energy in the form of electric energy, for power supply. And sun being a source of infinite energy, it acts as a pivotal resource to conserve and subject to consumption for humankind. Hence, our solar panels can help in conserving the natural resources as well.
  • When it comes to noise pollution, our solar panels are strikingly different in comparison to other alternative sources of power, being absolutely noise free and silent. Hence it contributes to a calm and noise free environment.
  • Our solar panels come in relatively small shape and size. Hence it comes with easy portability, with absolutely hassle free installation process. Also it requires relatively small space and area, than any other alternatives.
  • For installation of our solar panels, the roof is perhaps the best platform, as it receives the major exposure to sun all through the day. Once the installation is executed, it covers the roof, and protects it from direct sunlight, storm, rainfall and other adverse down-pouring effects. Also, the solar panels installed on the roof are found to provide good insulating effects inside the house, keeping the interior temperature controlled and comfortable.
  • Installation of our solar panels can actually provide independence from the other local suppliers and eventually saving a good amount of money by cutting the cost for electricity charges.
  • Our solar panels bear a longevity of almost 25 years, after installation. Moreover, the panels are corrosion free, robust, and resistant to adverse climatic conditions and calamities.
  • Our solar panels add aesthetic value to the roofs.
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