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Ornamental poles are usually those ones that we often see in public places like amusement parks, boundary of water bodies, heritage places and other places of public interest.

Apart from the purpose of decorative lighting, these poles serve the purpose of decoration, and designed to provide a rustic and vintage appearance with aesthetic considerations.

The basic application of these poles are done for embellishing purposes, the lightings being just an augmented part complementing the same.

Pole Height and Design

Ornamental poles are usually 5-12 feet long, but also can be customized as per the requirement.

These are single arm poles used primarily for decoration purpose.

The single arm is often accompanied by a single or double arch bend, which acts as the lamp holder. the entire pole is a complete single piece, devoid of any joints and fixtures.

Materials We Use

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, we primarily use cast iron is used to construct such poles, but customizations can be made upon request, as per requirement.

Application of color also plays a pivotal role to make it visually pleasing, with aesthetic considerations.

Our Team

When it comes to manufacturing and installation of a niche structure, a dedicated team with knowledge and taste about the same is quintessential.

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, we are thrilled to have such a brilliant team with good taste of aesthetics, and a sound knowledge of crafting and implementing such creative pieces so as to bring in the exact rustic charm that fits to the purpose it is destined for.

Every piece of finished product that leaves our warehouse bears a story of its own, and makes a mark of its own once installed to decorate a place of interest.

Perhaps that’s what defines the credibility of our team, and over the time we consistently maintained our quality and standard, eventually creating a benchmark of our own.

Our Ornamental Pole Features
  • Being a single piece structure, it is easily portable from one place to another.
  • Installation process is easy and hassle free.
  • Wide range of designs cater to the requirements for multiple purpose.
  • Every piece of work is crafted with utter perfection
  • Customized designs are available as per client’s requirement
  • Poles are resistant to adverse climatic conditions
  • Application of different shades of color with respect to the designs add upon the aesthetics of our posts.
  • Easy to operate
  • Least maintenance charges makes it cost effective in the long run.
  • Perfectly fits for municipal needs as well, for decoration of public places and amusement centers in and around the city.
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