C.C.TV. Pole


Unlike the other lighting and decorative poles we come across while passing by, what we need to know that the structural construction of CCTV poles are very different from the other ones. These poles need to be designed exclusively and cautiously. Especially during strong wind currents, the oscillation of the pole must remain within the permissible limit. Otherwise, the pole will keep on oscillating with the wind eventually inflicting the same on the camera as well.

Design and Installation

The first and foremost fact we need to consider while installing a CCTV pole, is to make sure, the mounting suffers least possible vibrations or movement due to wind currents. In fact, certain Closed Circuit Television Camera actually needs the required stability to provide a clear vision.

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, our team take these installations on a very cautious and sensitive note. That’s the reason, we always recommend using freshly build and specially crafted poles for CCTV camera, instead of the existing light poles. Another important aspect that should be taken into account is design of the poles for your security cameras, sensors, or detectors. Our poles are specially designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles.

Features Of Our Cctv Poles
  • Specially designed, powder coated, hot dip galvanized, GI poles.
  • Exclusively crafted and designed to prevent unwanted oscillations, deflections and vibrations from wind current.
  • Non- abrasive in nature.
  • Resistant to high temperature.
  • Anti corrosive properties of crafting material prevents the pole from rusting
  • Mounting studs for quick and simple installation of wall mount.
  • Suitable for speed dome and positioning system
  • Rugged construction
  • Pole mount
  • Easy and hassle free installation process.
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions.
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