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Beam Smoke Detector

Unlike the traditional methods, the Beam Smoke Detectors are widely used in places with spacious premises, open area and high ceilings. At Subham Enterprise, our Beam Smoke Detectors are widely accepted by establishments like auditoriums, warehouses, atriums, churches etc.

What makes our Beam Smoke Detector exclusive?

At Subham Enterprise, our Beam Smoke Detectors are equipped to work on the principle of light obscuration. When the presence of smoke, blocks a part of the beam either by absorbance or by light scattering, a fire is signaled. Our Beam Smoke Detectors consist of one light transmitter and one photosensitive receiver. The light produced by the transmitter, is consistently monitored by the photosensitive receiver. Under normal circumstance, the light from the transmitter passes to the receiver in a straight line. However, in case of a fire, when the smoke come across the path of the beam detector, some of the light is either absorbed or scattered by the smoke particles present in the air. This creates a deceased signal leading to an obscuration (transmittance of light across the path of the beam).

Based on the operational procedure, our Beam Smoke Detectors are majorly of three types:
  • End to end beam smoke detector – In these type of beam smoke detectors, the system consists of a separate light transmitter and receiver. As the receiver remains on a separate element, the individual units are very small in size, and hence applied at places where the space is too small to install a wide area detection system. Being small in size, it never creates unsightly blockage or obstructions and bears aesthetic values as well.

    Hence, it is widely accepted for fire security reasons in heritage places and aesthetic infrastructures. The end to end detectors are used for open area smoke imaging detection, which involves the usage of two wavelengths of light. The UV and IR wavelengths of light react differently with the emitted smoke and the compared cumulative difference between the reflections are estimated to verify the real smoke.
  • Reflective Beam Smoke Detector: A reflective beam smoke detector consists of a light transmitter and the detector in the same unit. Opposite to the detector is kept a retro-reflector, which creates the light path by reflecting the emitted light from the transmitter.
  • Motorized Beam Smoke Detector: During installation, a motorized beam smoke detector aligns itself automatically, and can compensate according to the alignment drift where the path of the light changes over the time. Both ‘reflective’ and ‘end to end’ systems can be motorized.
Benefits of our Beam Smoke Detector:
  • Available in various types and design, and hence, cater to the requirements of different verticals in the industry, as per need and choice.
  • Smart and easy installation process
  • Maintenance is minimal and cost effective
  • Requires minimum space for installation.
  • The designs are aesthetically suitable for installation
  • Efficient for using in big areas and premises.
  • Less prone to faulty alarms
  • Designed to restrict the entry of bugs and insects
  • Cost effective solution to prevent disastrous circumstances by fire.
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