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The foremost thing to know about a heat detector is to understand, it is designed for protecting properties from fire. When the convected heat energy from the source of the fire increases the temperature, the heat detector responds.

At Subham Enterprise, the heat detectors we manufacture can be classified into two types:

  • Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors: Fixed temperature heat detectors happen to be the most common type for heat detection purposes. Fixed temperature detectors are enabled with a heat sensitive eutectic alloy. When the temperature reaches the eutectic point, the alloy melts and changes its state from a solid to a liquid. And thus the alarm responds. For electrically connected heat detectors the most common fixed temperature point is 58 degree Celsius. However, with increased demand of more safety over the time, technological advancement has led to come up with heat detectors which start to operate at a temperature of 47 degree Celsius. This allows increased available reaction time and margin of safety. The accumulation of heat at the sensitive alloy is delayed by the Thermal Lag. As a result, the fixed-temperature device reaches the operating temperature, a few minutes, after the surrounding air temperature exceeds that temperature.
  • Rate of Rise (ROR) Heat Detectors: Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors works irrespective of the starting temperature. The detector responds on a rapid rise of temperature from 6.7 to 8.3 degree Celsius increase per minute. The ROR detectors are enabled with two heat-sensitive thermo-couples (or Thermistors). The heat transferred via convection or radiation is monitored by one of the thermo-couple while the other responds to the ambient temperature. When the temperature of the first sensing element increases in comparison to the other, the detector responds. If the threshold temperatures are fixed, the ROR heat detectors can even operate at lower temperature fire conditions.
Benefits Of Our Heat Detectors:
  • The installation process is extremely easy and hassle free.
  • Our heat detectors are small in size, light in weight and easily portable from one place to another.
  • Being our heat detectors priced absolutely low, it happens to be a cost effective solution for fire protection purposes.
  • Our heat detectors need minimum maintenance.
  • Our heat detectors are popular for exuding high performance.
  • The products are robust, durable and long lasting, which makes it a long term solution
  • Being devoid of any metallic casing, it is a corrosion free, rustproof solution.
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