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Decorative Pole

Decorative poles are usually sleek in shape, with visually pleasing appearance, and also adds up to the beauty of the lamp, used for lighting purposes. Generally, these type of lights are seen in public places like Gardens, Resort premises, Amusement Centers, Parks, swimming pool boundaries and so on. The pivotal purpose of these poles lies beneath beautification of outdoor public areas.

Points of Application
  • Landscape lighting
  • Decoration of Garden area, Swimming Pools, Resort Premises and amusement centers
  • Complementing the aesthetics of the premises of Shopping mall
  • Decoration and illumination of parking area
  • Decoration of neighborhood and colony roads & lanes.

Pole Height and Design

Designer poles may extend up to 19 to 22 meter in height, but also can be customized as per client requirement. Designs of these poles are usually single arm, round or dual arch, used primarily for decoration purpose. The entire pole is a complete single piece, devoid of any joints and fixtures.

Materials We Use

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, what we primarily focus while crafting a decorative pole is to make it resistant to ultra violet rays. Materials like cast iron, Aluminium and Mild Steel is used to construct such poles, but customizations can be made upon request, as per requirement.

Our Team

While manufacturing and installing a niche structure, a dedicated team with knowledge and taste about the same is quintessential.

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, we are thrilled to have such a brilliant team with good taste of aesthetics, and a sound knowledge of crafting and implementing such creative pieces so as to exude out the exotic vibe, a decorative piece of installation is perceived to possess. Every piece of finished product that leaves our warehouse bears a story of its own, and makes a mark of its own once installed to decorate a place of interest.

Our Decorative Pole Features
  • Our Decorative poles are Slim in size and easy to install
  • Sleek design adds upon the aesthetic factor
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Resistant to UV Rays and extreme weather conditions
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Wide range of designs cater to the requirements for multiple purpose
  • Least maintenance charges makes it cost effective in the long run
  • Customized designs are available as per client’s requirement
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