Solar Frame


Solar Panel Frames, or Solar Frames are used for mounting the solar panels for setting up a solar power unit. At Subham Enterprise, the solar frames are manufactured as Galvanized Iron structures with area of 2 square feet. It provides structural mounting points to the solar panels, and also protects the internal components from thermal and mechanical tensions.

Benefits of using our Solar Panel Frames
  • Our frames come with tapered edge, which prevents accumulation of water. This makes our solar frames easy to install even at places where temperature drops down below freezing point during winter. The accumulated water freezes to form ice which often causes damage to the solar panels. Our tapered edged frames prevents the chance of any sort of water accumulation leading to formation of frost.
  • Often, the solar panel frames from various manufacturers are found to accumulate dust, soil particles and pollen grains. This results in formation of moss and lichens to thrive on it, which covers some part of the photo voltaic solar panels. As a result, it affects the output. Our tapered edged solar panel frames prevent the accumulation of any such soil, dust and pollen grains.
  • Our solar panel frames are devoid of sharpened edge and are perfectly screwed so as to ensure, the frames are mechanically and electrically conductive and earthed.
  • While installing, the parts of our solar panel frames are ensured to fix firmly with the laminates for a seamless performance.
  • At Subham Enterprise, we also ensure that the right material is selected to join the Iron of the frame with the Glass of the solar panel, while installation. As the expansion and contraction ratio of the two parts of the solar panel are strikingly different, this step is extremely necessary to avoid stress resulted due to expansion and contraction.
Key Features of our Solar Panel Frames
  • Robust and seamless construction
  • The process of installation is easy and hassle free
  • The frames are durable and resistant to adverse climatic conditions.
  • The hot dip galvanization prevents it from rusting and corrosion.
  • The frames are compatible to combine with several Photo Voltaic mounting systems.
  • Our solar panel frames come with high bearing capacity and tensile strength.
  • Available in matching colors with racks and clips on order basis
  • Necessary customizations are done depending on the preference, need and requirement of the client.
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