Solar LED Light


Solar LED lights are widely used for street lighting purposes. Usually the lights work with the help of Photo Voltaic Cells or Solar Cells. The Solar cells convert the solar power into electric power, and stores it in the battery during daytime. After sunset, these lights automatically turns on using the power stored inside the battery during daytime. At Subham Enterprise, our Solar LED lighting system comes with an inbuilt controller that facilitates the dawn to dusk operation.

Our Team

Keeping in mind the diverse demand of Solar Led Lights, we at Subham Enterprise, offer technically advanced LED lights to cater to the requirement of our clients. Our team of experts and designers craft our lights in several variety of size, shape variety, design and specifications to choose from. Our installers with an equal efficiency, installs and executes each and every service with utter competence. Thus, our team provides a complete and comprehensive Solar LED Lighting Solution to our respective clients. Depending on the requirement of the client, we often provide customized solutions as well.

Features of our Solar LED Lights:
  • Our solar LED lights are easy to install and absolutely hassle fee.
  • Once installed, they hardly need any maintenance.
  • The lights use natural power resource of sun light, to operate, and hence devoid of any operational cost.
  • Available products are ready to install.
  • The lights are highly reliable and efficient
  • The lights are enabled with automatic switching on and off feature. Being equipped with a dawn to dusk operational controller, the lights automatically switches on after sunset, using the power accumulated during daytime, and again switches off when the sun rises in the morning.
  • The lights are resistant to adverse climatic conditions
  • The robust construction makes it seamless and durable.
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