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Feeder pillar panels are mainly installed to provide local isolation to electrical distribution equipments.

It protects the cables and transformers from fault. At Subham Enterprise, we deal with a comprehensive range of feeder pillars that are destined for easy onsite installation, and fully assembled to meet up to the specifications and requirements.

What Makes Our Feeder Pillar Exclusive?

At Subham Enterprise, our feeder pillar control panel systems, are crafted with custom manufactured, low voltage, pre wired electrical distribution system. It consists of a galvanized steel pillar with vandal resistant lockable doors. The pillars are equipped electrical switch gear and control systems.

Our feeder pillars play a distinctive role via their presence to ensure that the installed electrical fuses are safely secured.

The pillars protect the electrical connections from accidents and faults under any environmental circumstance.

The feeder pillars form an important protection unit for any property. An essential feature of our feeder pillar panels come with the provisions for more circuitry and upgrading the circuit box for an increased power supply.

This facilitates supply of power in case of increase in electrical appliances at the designated premises.

Our feeder pillars are highly appreciated by experienced and well trained electrician as it houses all the circuitry with a greater lighting efficiency. Our feeder pillars can assist in managing a huge power supply through the wires with utmost safely.

The fuses remains fixed and properly labeled for easy identification. Our feeder pillars also facilitate in avoiding unwanted and accidental fire outbreaks or electric shocks.

Advantages of our Feeder Pillar Control Panels
  • The enclosure comes with a hot dip galvanized stainless steel box. Hence it is prevented from rusting and corrosion.
  • The pillars are equipped with vandal resistant lockable doors which protect the internal circuitry and components from external influences.
  • Our feeder pillars are robust, versatile, seamless and resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • The process of installation is easy and hassle free.
  • The galvanized coating makes the construction robust, durable and long lasting.
  • Provisions for additional equipment and upgrading the circuitry facilitates in increased power supply in destined premises.
  • The pillars are equipped electrical switch gear and control systems.
  • Our feeder pillars are appreciated and recommended by experienced professionals from the industry.
  • Minimum maintenance is needed.
  • Our feeder pillar control panel ensures full functionality, with smooth and easy operating procedures.
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