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In case of a fire is generated from a short circuit or from malfunctioning of an electrical connection, or from highly flammable oils and fluids, water is a fatal option to use at such circumstances. So, in those cases, sand is used as an alternative to deal with such fire accidents. The sand covers up the source of fire and restricts the supply of atmospheric Oxygen, forming a barrier. The fire extinguish eventually. And for that purpose, Sand Buckets and Bucket Stands are essential to keep in store as preventive measures. At Subham Enterprise, our Fire Buckets and Bucket stands are widely used in various commercial workspaces and public areas as a mode of fire-fighting. Though it is a very basic application to fight with fires, yet it is often helpful under certain circumstances. The sand filled buckets and stands are abundantly used, and found in places like office, schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, metro stations and so on.

Features of our Sand Bucket:
  • Our sand buckets are made of Galvanized Iron material, to prevent rusting.
  • The outer surface of the buckets are painted in bright red color.The red color bears the longest wavelength and helps to locate the buckets even from a longer distance.
  • The word FIRE is embossed on the bucket with white color, in block letters.
  • The bottom of the buckets are made convex from the outer surface. It facilitates in projecting the sand towards fire source with much fierce and accuracy.
  • The buckets are provided with a handle for easy operation.
  • The internal surface of the bucket is coated with primer and white.
  • The buckets are easy to handle, needs minimum maintenance, and resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • Cheap in price and easily available in the market from our registered stockists and dealers.
Features of our Bucket Stand:
  • The stands are made up of Galvanized Iron materials to make it rustproof and anti-corrosive.
  • The stands are then painted red in color
  • Multiple hooks are equipped to ensure it can accommodate a good number of buckets to hang at the same time.
  • The stands are often equipped with a canopy, to prevent the sand inside the buckets from external influences like rain, storm etc.
  • The construction is robust and seamless and requires minimum maintenance.
  • The structural facility helps to port it from one place to another.
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