Hexagonal Pole Manufacturer Kolkata


Hexagonal Lighting Poles can be seen quite often while passing by the streets, main roads, lanes and by-lanes, used mainly for outdoor lighting. Hexagonal Poles can be equipped with brackets, high doors, banner arms etc. The poles may contain single or double outreach arms.

Pole Design and Height

The poles are tubular in nature and as the name inflicts, it is polygonal in shape with six sides. With heights up to 4 meters, these poles bears a thickness of about 3 mm. However, we customize designs as per our client’s requirement as well.

Materials We Use

At ‘Subham Enterprise’ we use galvanized mild steel to design every Hexagonal pole. Though the standard height happens to be up to 4 meter and the thickness being 3 mm, we also customize design as per the requirement of client.

Our Pole

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, while ensure with guarranty about years of trouble free performance, our materials of exclusive quality marks us as nation’s most accepted designer and installer of lighting poles.

Advantages of using our Hexagonal poles
  • Easy and hassle free installation
  • Sleek in design and easy to maintain
  • Impressive and elegant with aesthetic values
  • Aerodynamic construction makes it mechanically strong
  • Hot Dip Galvanization makes it ideal for moist and corrosion prone surrounding
  • Being Galvanized both internally and externally, it reduces maintenance costs.
  • Presence of safety features like camouflaged junction box, electrical control gears, electrical safe with internal cable termination.
  • Weather proof flush door locking facility provides pilferage proof earth connection.
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