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Galvanized Iron Pipe Earthing Strip or GI Strip is connected to the main earthing pipe or bar. It is mainly used to ensure the required minimum earth resistance for setting up the installations. At Subham Enterprise our GI Strips are manufactured with raw materials of exclusive quality meeting the international standards. The strips are then subjected to hot dip galvanization as per the standard of IS:4759

As the requirements vary a lot on case to case basis, depending on various verticals and sectors we cater to, we often provide customizations apart from the existing readymade strips. We interact, analyze and evaluate the requirements of our client and customize our products exactly the way, it complements the need of our client.

Our Team

Backed with a team of competent experts and professionals having a deep insight of the industry we are catering.

We at Subham Enterprise consider safety as a pivotal component to take care of, especially when it comes to installation and usage of electrical appliances.And that is the reason we craft and design our GI earthing strips, so as to ensure the earth resistance minimal, for proper dissipation of faulty currents with ease. Our GI strips are aptly fit to install at places where soil resistance to current is very high, and so are our team who executes the entire installation with marked prowess.

Why should you opt for our GI Pipe Earthing Strips?

At places with high soil resistance to current, it is hard to dissipate the faulty currents via earthing. This as a result can inflict severe damage to electrical appliances and equipment. Again it may cause short circuit and fire which can lead to fatal consequences, costing upon human lives. So, to ensure a complete safety, our GI Earthing Strips can be installed which facilitates to lower the soil resistance and allows easy passage to sweep away the faulty currents by dissipation technique. With the quality of material, and robust construction, meeting the international standards of quality, our GI strips ensure a complete and comprehensive solution for earthing purposes in the long run.

Benefits of our GI Earthing Strips:
  • The installation process is easy and hassle free
  • Raw materials used to manufacture the strips match up to the international standards, resulting in high efficiency.
  • The strips are coated with Hot Dip Galvanization
  • The construction is robust and seamless with fine finishes.
  • The strips are resistant to adverse climatic conditions
  • Corrosion free solution which remains durable and long lasting.
  • Customizations are available as per the requirements of the client.
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