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Subham Enterprise is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company involved in manufacturing and supplying conical light poles throughout India. As the name indicates, conical lighting poles are broad at its base and gradually tapers at the top to form a conical structure. These poles are widely used for lighting purposes at street, road, avenues, bypass, highways and ring roads.

Subham Enterprise has evolved as one of the proficient conical lighting pole manufacturers in India working to deliver the global demands for life. As an ISO certified company, we never compromise on the quality of the products. We always ensure that we are using the best materials to design the conical light poles available in the market.

Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Conical Pole Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Backed by an efficient team of experts and professionals, we at Subham Enterprise ensure the best quality in conical light poles. From manufacturing to installation, each step is thoroughly executed and checked to assure every piece of the product leaving our warehouse bears the signature quality we ensure to provide. Moreover, we emphasise a lot on analysing and understanding the need of our clients and often customise the orders accordingly.

We have served trust throughout the years. The reputation of producing and supplying the best quality light poles has accelerated our growth and we are now considered among the leading conical pole manufacturer in India.

Material and Design

Conical Poles are broad at its base and tapers at the top forming a long slender cone-shaped structure. The height of the poles varies from 3 to 20 meters, depending on the place of application and purpose of installation. At Subham Enterprise, we use the best quality steel to manufacture our conical poles. Certified professionals weld the poles, and the process of welding complies with BS EN 1011-2, AWD1 recommendations. After the poles are constructed, it is coated with a 100-micron thick layer of hot-dip galvanisation. The hot-dip galvanisation process for the conical poles complies with BS EN ISO 1461/BS729. Finally, the poles are finished with powder coating that complies with BS6497.

Features of our Conical Poles
  • The easy and hassle-free installation process
  • Our manufacturing materials are resistant to corrosion
  • Extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • The conical poles being single-armed, it is easy to port from one place to another for installation.
  • As per the requirement of the client, poles can be customised in shape and design accordingly.

From the superior quality light poles to our cost-effective service, you will be benefited from reduced maintenance expenses and longer service lives with us. Contact the leading conical light pole manufacturer in India and send your query to request additional information for your pole installation needs.

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