High Mast Lighting Pole
High Mast Lighting Pole

The High mast lighting installations are often used and located where today’s most busy highways merge or intersect with each other. Subham Enterprise offers the best quality stainless steel high mast lighting poles for transportation and lighting applications.
Subham Enterprise has designed and manufactured high mast lighting poles for clients throughout the country for many a year. During this session of time, we have acquired a wealth of experience in the structural, mechanical and electrical aspects of high mast lighting pole designing, production, and maintenance.

Pole Height and Design

Our high mast poles, ranging from 18 to 60miters in height, provide ease to maintain and an effective winching system. It allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lantern maintenance.

Materials We Use

We offer four different types of a luminaire to provide overall flexibility of light distribution including the cut-off options.
The latched and lower system employs heavy duty stainless steel cables in conjunction with the three perpetual contact iris action guide arms on the lowering ring. It allows all the maintenance to be carried out at ground level using a portable power tool connected to the supply.
The extended remote control system allows the operator to stand up to 6 meters from the base of the column.

Our Team

Subham Enterprise is an experienced team who can supply, install and maintain high mast lighting poles using their qualified personnel.

Our High Mast Pole Features
  • Precise light control
  • Choice of the light distribution
  • Upward light options
  • Versatile mounting array
  • Lower system
  • Safe rise
  • Remote control power tool
  • Fail-safe latching
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