Solar Inverter Installation Kolkata


An essential component of an entire solar power system is the Solar Inverter. The sole purpose of a solar inverter is to convert the DC current from the solar cells to AC current which is then used for domestic consumption purposes and utility needs.

At Subham Enterprise, our solar inverters make a mark with its extensive productivity and brilliant efficiency in performance. Our inverters provide the apt support for any solar power system, and ensures a smooth operation resulting in uninterrupted supply of current electricity.

Our Team

With a mission to take part in continuous innovation on renewable energy solutions, our team at Subham Enterprise overall consistent and sustainable development in production and usage of Solar power in the near future. And being a part of the mission, our team of experts are seamless in manufacturing and providing Solar Inverter solutions, to facilitate the usage of solar power, as per the requirement of our appropriate clients.

Benefits of our Solar Inverter
  • Our Solar Inverters facilitate in continuous supply of electricity, by consistently converting the DC current from the solar panel cells to AC current for domestic usage. This solar energy is actually effective to diminish the greenhouse impact and unnatural weather change.
  • Using our solar inverter helps to cut down the cost for monthly electricity charges, by facilitating generation of solar power. Many households have begun opting for this, especially in remote areas where there is scarcity of alternative source of power.
  • Our Solar inverter powered by sun, helps in converting the DC into batteries or AC. This backs the individuals who utilize an incomplete measure of power.
  • Our synchronous solar inverter are tremendous in measure and thus facilitates to control various organizations as well.
  • Our Solar Inverters are multifunctional and finest among all It deliberately converts DC to AC which makes it apt for business foundations and solutions.
  • Our solar inverters are very much cost effective in comparison to generators.
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