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A fire alarm system is an assembly of devices to identify and alert the occupants of a premise, in case of a fire incident or emergency. At Subham Enterprise, we deal with two major type of fire alarm system:

  • Manual Fire Alarm System
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

We always ensure safety as a pivotal concern, and hence deal with products that match up to the international standards. Each and every components that are used to construct an entire fire alarm system set up, is thoroughly checked before installing, so as to ensure a seamless performance.

Manual Fire Alarm System:

The manual fire alarm system consists of a cable line that comes out of the control panel, and ends with a resistor.The operations are mainly conducted via connected manual call points and pull stations.

The advantages of our manual fire alarm system are:
  • As the signals are initiated via manual effort, it eliminates the possibility of faulty alarms created by bugs and interferences, in optical and automated detectors.
  • Manual systems are comparatively easy to use, and can be installed easily.
  • The manual systems are cost effective solutions and effective in the long run.
    • Addressable Fire Alarm System

    In an addressable fire alarm system, the cable line emerges from the control panel, connects with different detection devices, and again returns to the control panel.The lines of an addressable fire alarm system are known as optical loops, which enable complete identification of each of the mounted devices, on each of the addresses they are installed.

    Advantages of our addressable fire alarm system are:
    • The addressable fire alarm system allows the precise tracking of fire emergencies due to activated gadgets at multiple addresses.
    • Unlike the traditional systems, the information or signals are conveyed from control panel to signaling devices and vice versa.
    • The system keeps working even in cases of cable network failure.
    • The systems are automated, robust, and happens to be a long term solution for firefighting services.
    • The systems are easy to install and being automated, needs minimal maintenance.
    • The addressable systems are resistant to adverse weather conditions.
    • The systems are fully automated and can detect fire with the enabled equipments in the panel, via three major components – Smoke, Heat and Flame.
    • The presence of sprinkler valve tamper, helps to identify emergent conditions within the components of the system.
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