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Fire alarm control panels are very effective in case of a sudden fire outbreak. At Subham Enterprise, our automated fire alarm panels ensure complete safety of your premises by preventing and shielding it from severe extreme circumstances. The basic function of the fire alarm system is to detect the fire in its early stage, alerting the occupants inside the premises of a fire emergency, and report it to the first responders.

Our fire alarm control panel constitutes of the following components:
  • The Central Panel: The central panel happens to be the brain of the entire system. It monitors the initiating devices, followed by activating the notification devices, once an alarm signal is received. The panels vary on the basis of their controlling systems, which may range from a single premise to multiple buildings.
  • Initiating Devices: The sole purpose of initiating devices is to detect a fire signal, and report it to the central panel. It can either be a manual call point like emergency buttons or automated devices like optical smoke detectors, beam detectors, heat detectors, and others. The emergency signal of a fire is mainly triggered by three pivotal components – Heat, Smoke and Flame. Once the signal is triggered, it is conveyed to the control panel. To identify an emergency signal and take action within the components of the system, a special device is used. The name of the device is Sprinkler valve Tamper. When the sprinkler valve tamper goes into ‘off normal’ condition, the central panel switches to the supervisory mode, to detect the emergent condition within the system.
  • Notification Devices: Once the signal is received by the central panel via an initiating device, the panel goes to an alarm state. The panel is equipped with several output devices that generates the alarm and alerts the occupants of the premises. The output devices are usually bells, horns, strobes, chimes and flashing lights which conveys the alert via audio and visual mode, in case of a fire emergency. Often the alerts are reported to the central panel via emergency responders. The central monitoring system contacts the first responder from which the location of emergency is traced.
  • Shut Down Devices: The final stage, where the importance of a fire alarm control panel lies is the shut down devices. The shut down devices constitute that part of the panel, where the fire is prevented with the activation of an automatic suppression system.
Advantages of our Fire Alarm Control Panel:
  • Our fire alarm control panel ensures complete safety, in case of a fire break out.
  • By identifying and notifying the respondents of a fire emergency, the control panel prevents fatal damages like loss of life and damage of property.
  • Our fire alarm control panels are embedded with sprinkler valve tamper. It helps to detect an emergency within the components of the system and conveys the emergency signal accordingly.
  • The systems are fully automated and can detect fire with the enabled equipments in the panel, via three major components – Smoke, Heat and Flame.
  • The automated suppression system facilitates to shut down and prevent the fire from spreading flame, smoke and heat.
  • The installation is done after complete assessment of the point of application, by our team of experts. The entire procedure is easy and hassle free.
  • Being an automated process, the maintenance is absolutely easy and cost effective.
  • The construction is robust, and ensures a long term solution, once installed.
  • We deal with fire alarm control panels that are resistant to adverse weather conditions.
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