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Swaged Tubular Lighting Poles are widely used in Residential and Municipal application for lighting purposes. The poles being swaged, bears great tensile strength and happens to be an indispensable choice for architects and design professionals. The durability and strength along with its maintenance free features, makes it one of its kind, and also being lightweight in nature, it is easy and hassle free to install.

Pole Height and Design

The height of Swaged Tubular Lighting Poles usually range between 8-14 meters, with a thickness ranging from 10-20 mm.

So far the designs are concerned, usually it can be classified into two types:

1) Single Arm : The pole consists of a unidirectional arm, bending from the swaged junction/joint

2) Dual Arm : The pole consists of two arms, bending diametrically opposite to each other from the swaged junction/joint.

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, we also customize order as per the requirement of client.

Materials We Use:

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, we use the finest grade raw materials to construct swaged poles. Our poles are made with lightweight and corrosion free material, which helps in easy installation, and lowers the shipping cost.

With an invigorating concoction of innovative design and latest technology, our products are destined to meet international standards. Also it bears minimal maintenance cost which is economically beneficial in the long run.

Our Team

Over the years, our team of experts successfully executed to mark ‘Subham Enterprise’ as a cut above the rest, while providing the right assistance at the right time. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction is something that we never ever compromise on.

Our Swaged Tubular Pole Features
  • Finest Grade Material
  • Highly Resistant to Rust and Corrosion
  • Easy Installation process
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Low Shipping Cost
  • Minimal maintenance cost.
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